Instagram Live Friday Night

Well I’m up to my third Instagram account now. I will be do an Instagram live on Friday night 7 pm Sydney time, 8am UK time. And of course it’s a fabulous Scarlett a.k.a. Latex Rapture and I teaming up once again.

Check this picture out, how naughty is – it you will also be able to check out the video soon on Only Fans. I’m just spending some time trying to get my Instagram back up to scratch after a massive loss. It seems like Instagram are going on a rampage deleting accounts left right and centre for people in my line of work. I’ve taken over the Instagram that my doubles partner, Mistress Anistasia and I had so there’s still a bit of mucking around so just bear with me.

So tune in on Friday night to give your support to two latex queens- . It’s going to be great fun.