From slave H.

I have been visiting professional Mistresses since my late teens (some 30 years) and have over that time met some outstanding ladies and had some brilliant sessions however, in the past year I have met Mistress Serena and can say that she is certainly one of the very best I have had the pleasure of serving.

I seek sessions which include a high level of domination coupled with very strict corporal discipline, and this extremely attractive petite blonde lady delivers this with gusto.

At our initial session I was firstly blown away by her looks. This lady is truly stunning, and her images online did not do her justice. Her body, her hair, her nails, and her outfits are simply perfect. By the end of the session these looks paled into insignificance when considering her personality coupled with her ability to dominate me and whilst it is hard to describe, the word that springs to mind is “captivating”. I was truly entranced into the session losing all control and perception of time.

As any person who is into the scene knows, the connection with a Mistress is what makes for a perfect session and these stars don’t always align but this lady just seems to be able to read and understand what a submissive is seeking in a session and deliver this is a calm and controlling manner.

She has an ability to cane relentlessly in a constant set of 6 that just keeps going and the look in her eye as she is holding your hand and shocking you whilst you beg for some mercy (knowing full well that no mercy will be forth coming) is something to be experienced.

Mistress Serena has the ability to be sexual whilst not allowing that to interfere with her Superiority and therefore pushes the Submissive to want to overstep the boundary only held back by the knowledge that such a move would have severe consequences.

I hope my words result in a few more submissives experiencing something truly special.

From Coop:

I’ve been playing in pro BDSM since my early 20s and have sessioned with some of the most popular Mistresses around, but my recent play with Mistress Serena was the high point.

As we know, connection is the key to a good session, and Mistress Serena has such a friendly and engaging manner that it’s easy to discuss your desires without embarrassment.

I was clear with what I wanted and she dished it up in spades. It was the session I’ve always hungered for but never managed to achieve previously. Not only were my needs met but her ad-lib activities were the icing on the cake.

I would encourage both first timers and seasoned players to book Mistress Serena for your next session. My recent session was life changing.. yes! And I’m recommending her so you can experience this too. You’ll thank me, and you’ll beg to thank her.

From Pauline and Brendan

From the first meeting Mistress Serena is captivating inviting and absolutely gorgeous. We first had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Serena on our wedding night which was our first threesome (yes you read that correctly).

Mistress Serena was engaging and friendly which made it easy to talk about our wants and desires without judgment before our session, communication and arranging our time was easy, and seamless (once we had assured her it was a genuine enquiry).

Her array of latex, boots and equipment she bought along to the hotel were to die for, and she is professional, beautiful and fun. The way she makes you feel is incredible we both were thoroughly satisfied and Mistress made sure neither of us felt left out. She has an allure about her that makes you weak at the knees, when Mistress commands you listen. She connects with you on another level and has an instinct of what is needed. Mistress Serena has helped us push our limits and left us wanting to explore BDSM, sex and kink a lot more. We have had the pleasure of seeing Mistress Serena a few times now, and hopefully many more times too.

From A.B.

I just wanted to thank You for our recent session and express my ongoing gratitude and devotion to You.

i’ve been in Your new space a few times now and must compliment You on the facility. The range and quality of the equipment is such that one could play all day and not exhaust all the options. The space itself is vast, state-of-the-art and clean. It’s such a contrast from the previous space- the bathroom particularly! One could eat one’s dinner off its floor, which is a kink in itself.

The rapport between Mistress and slave cannot be overemphasised and i cherish every second under your control, along with the bondage, pain and the marks You leave on my body. Thank You.

Until You next slip my collar around my neck, i remain Your loyal slave,

From D.G

Unique. Genre defining. Fabulously fashionable. She commands respect.

I recently had the privilege of a dinner and session appointment with Mistress Serena. I had dreamed of this day…

The initial “getting to know you” chat was easy and “frictionless”. She intuited my desires with just a few sentences passing between us.

Mistress proved to be an enthralling dinner companion. The conversation was both engaging and amusing. Mistress was elegant and effortlessly confident.

And after dinner…..  

Mistress Serena took complete control. The cobalt blue eyes, the totally assured gaze. I was bewitched…..literally. She left her mark, and I was left, both less and more.

An unmissable experience. Life would have been incomplete without this assignation.


From Dennis:

I recently had my first session with Mistress Serena and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Serena is a delightfully dominant woman with the skill, experience and communication ability to know what you want very quickly, almost instinctively. She took me to places I haven’t been for too long. I can’t wait to serve her again, and again.

From Andy

When meeting Mistress Serena, you are captivated by her beauty AND her latex. Keeping your nerve and not melting to the floor around her stilettos is the challenge. She is warm, personable and sadistic. When you are bound, she owns you- full submission is demanded. Whether you begin with a slap, or a good flog then allow her to put her stiletto’d boot in, you can feel her joy encouraging you to take more. Your pain is her pleasure. Mistress Serena has a great range of electrical accessories to keep you on edge while being captivated by her smiling sadistic face as she nudges the amps up higher- hopefully you’re gagged at this stage. Should your behavior be deemed acceptable and her perversions satisfied, you may be lucky enough to enjoy a GS. Mistress Serena is the complete Dominatrix.

From Steve

Hello Mistress, Thank you again for yesterday, it was, and you are…..incredible!! The remainder of my day was spent in an emotional, mental and physical state of exhaustion, it was beautiful. Thanks again, I’ll be back in a few weeks xx

From slave K

Dear Mistress, I wanted to thank you again for an amazing time. Having a chance to reflect on it overnight, I can truly say that the session totally exceeded all my expectations. I’m really looking forward to the next time I can worship you again. Thank you!!

From slave B

Dear Mistress Serena, A big thanks for the session yesterday. It was brilliant especially seeing it was our first session together. Great unexpected surprises. You were fantastic. Hope to see you again soon xx

From G

I’ve had the pleasure of Mistress Serena’s company on many occasions, over the past two and a half years,  either as a Mistress or an overnight dinner date, staying in luxury hotels, and on every occasion, Mistress has been simply amazing, her style in her appearance is bordering on movie star status, and certainly is aware of how to project herself in every situation. We have dined in some of the best restaurants in Sydney, and Mistress always gets some envious looks, from both guys and ladies, because how beautiful she looks and dresses. On the kinky side, well you will have thought all your birthdays came at once, I’m into mostly latex and I just love how Mistress, secures me in a couple of latex hoods, then puts me into a latex straight jacket, extremely tightly, then secures me to one of the many very interesting devices at the dungeon, and your senses go wild, because you are at her mercy. Mistress will always respect your limits and what you desire, even though, there is always that little bit of anxiety, when you are at your most vulnerable, which I adore, you will never be disappointed with Mistress Serena. My I suggest, that you go for longer sessions as I always do, (6-8 hours or overnight) as you just never want the session to end, love her.

From J

Dear Mistress Serena, thank you for a sensational time with you this evening. I can remember driving home as I was re-living all the feelings and emotions that you took me through. You are indeed an expert at your craft. The heights you took me to constantly throughout  the session and the caring way in which you sat and spent time with me as I managed  through the “drop” was exceptional. An undeniable bonus to experiencing your skills was that you are an extremely sexy and your scent was/ is absolutely intoxicating and the erotic way you used that to keep taking me higher was fabulous!

As I write this I feel exhausted, but elated and privileged that I had that  experience with you. I hope you are now home safe and sound and look forward to seeing you again sometime soon.

From A

The immense anticipation of meeting Mistress after viewing Her website images fails to prepare you for Her absolute beauty. Once in Her presence you cannot but submit to Her immaculate presentation. She is perfection, She takes pride in Her appearance and Herself. The sculptured latex caresses the lines of Her body in ways you will only ever dream of, and never will. Mistress is thoughtful and attentive, She listens to your wants and desires as you discuss with Her the content of your session. She will calm your nerves. your breathing subsides, your heart rate returns to normal… .then She collars you. She owns you and you submit. Totally. Wholeheartedly. Willingly. It becomes abundantly clear almost immediately that Mistress takes pleasure in Her chosen vocation. you are drawn into Her gaze as She looks down upon you, you are helpless under Her spell, any pain She inflicts upon you will be endured, welcomed, even begged for. She has to be pleased. She deserves to be worshipped. She has to be served. She is Goddess. The pain you receive is divine, even heavenly because She is inflicting it, She is looking down upon you and there is nothing you won’t do for Her. You are safe in Her care, your pain is Her want and desire. Your world is as it should be under Her control. The days following your session the welts, marks, swelling and pain Mistress inflicted remind you of your session and of your unworthiness to serve. you don’t want these reminders of Her to disappear from your body. Some subside quicker than others, but you want them to stay because Mistress put them there and you remember that connection you shared. When your body is free of all Her inflictions, you remember your session and all the exquisite, sweet and sensual pain and plan your next session. You are now under Her spell and you worship the water She walks on.