Instagram x 2 deactivation

While editing my bio, my Instagram ended up being deactivated. Please be patient while trying to get it back. In the meantime I have started another one


Ooops. That one has been deactivated also when I try to add Linktree. So looks like I’m about to make my third Instagram. In the meantime, just go to Twitter where I update most days. I have added Linktree there with some details and also the ability to gift and place deposits for sessions.

Yes, it’s very upsetting. I’ve worked so hard on it this year with a lots of photo shoots and effort, time and money gone into it. I doubt whether I will get it back, but here’s hoping.

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Holiday return

Just a quick little note, I am back on January 16th and commencing sessions from then onwards. My Serena phone has been switched back on

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