A word from Mistress Serena in Sydney…

I adore what I do, and take great delight in playing with respectful fetishists, masochists, hedonists, subs, slaves, and bottoms.  You should feel confident to explore your innermost fantasies with me in a safe space. Your secrets are safe with me.

With my apprenticeship completed and many years experience gained at working at the infamous Salon Kitty’s as a Professional Dominatrix, and the last few years as an Independent Mistress, my personal and lifestyle passion is evident.  This is more than just work for me,  I enjoy taking you to that space so you can serve a powerful woman.

My BDSM interests as a Pro Domme run broad and deep, from corporal punishment to heavy rubber play.  I get pleasure from breaking in newbies, expanding well-seasoned players and training all those in between.  I am sadistic, talented, intelligent, compassionate and understanding, it’s the connection between us, and your willingness to give all your energy and open yourself to me.

I love travelling the world going to amazing fetish parties, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what my life would be like without fetish!  I moved to Sydney many years ago specifically to start my apprenticeship at Salon Kitty’s, Mistress Amanda allowed me to start almost immediately and I haven’t looked back since.  After eight years full time, I left to start a new venture, Max Black in Newtown,  which was an intense, all encompassing and incredibly successful business – it changed the face of adult shops here in Australia.  My interest has always been wanting to inspire and lead people into being just themselves and exploring their needs in an authentic, honest and empowering way.

After selling my half of Max Black, the lure of the dungeon pulled me back in hard and I jumped in with both stiletto’s. Since then my style, and latex wear, has expanded and I love indulging myself and my subs with interesting and wicked ways of experiencing kink.

As they say, make your obsession your profession-I truly love what I do.

Now, find your pleasure, and make a booking.