I adore what I do, and take great delight in playing with respectful fetishists, masochists, submissives, slaves, and bottoms.  You should feel confident to acknowledge your innermost fantasies in a safe, relaxed and trusting space.

With my apprenticeship completed and many years experience gained at working at the infamous Salon Kitty’s as a Professional Dominatrix, and the last few years as an Independent Mistress, my personal and lifestyle passion is evident.  This is more than just work for me,  I enjoy taking you to that space so you can serve a powerful woman.

My BDSM interests as a Pro Domme run broad and deep, from corporal punishment to heavy rubber play.  I get pleasure from breaking in newbies, expanding well-seasoned players and training all those in between.  I am sadistic, talented, intelligent, compassionate and understanding, it’s the connection between us, and your willingness to give all your energy and open yourself to me.

As they say, make your obsession your profession-I truly love what I do.