Sessions from a submissive perspective

I have updated the testimonial page with more thoughts from my subs. Have a read.


From slave H.

I have been visiting professional Mistresses since my late teens (some 30 years) and have over that time met some outstanding ladies and had some brilliant sessions however, in the past year I have met Mistress Serena and can say that she is certainly one of the very best I have had the pleasure of serving.

I seek sessions which include a high level of domination coupled with very strict corporal discipline, and this extremely attractive petite blond lady delivers this with gusto.

At our initial session I was firstly blown away by her looks. This lady is truly stunning, and her images online did not do her justice. Her body, her hair, her nails, and her outfits are simply perfect. By the end of the session these looks paled into insignificance when considering her personality coupled with her ability to dominate me and whilst it is hard to describe, the word that springs to mind is “captivating”. I was truly entranced into the session losing all control and perception of time.

As any person who is into the scene knows, the connection with a Mistress is what makes for a perfect session and these stars don’t always align but this lady just seems to be able to read and understand what a submissive is seeking in a session and deliver this is a calm and controlling manner.

She has an ability to cane relentlessly in a constant set of 6 that just keeps going and the look in her eye as she is holding your hand and shocking you whilst you beg for some mercy (knowing full well that no mercy will be forth coming) is something to be experienced.

Mistress Serena has the ability to be sexual whilst not allowing that to interfere with her Superiority and therefore pushes the Submissive to want to overstep the boundary only held back by the knowledge that such a move would have severe consequences.

I hope my words result in a few more submissives experiencing something truly special.