How to book a session

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When making contact ensure you
1: Use your manners and be polite and respectful.
2: Introduce yourself.
3: Tell me how you found my details.
4: If you wish to make an appointment state the day, time and duration.
5: If making an inquiry – keep it short and to the point.

My industry changes so fast these days. As most Mistresses are now independent, there’s so much that goes on behind the scenes to make things seem effortless for you. There is a reason I ask for certain things for booking process to happen. It takes time to actually book the space and making sure the space/s are actually not pre-booked by someone else, full hair and make up done, outfits and bag packed, driving there, setting up, getting my head space focussed and then of course the clean up after.

I love it when clients take the time to read my booking page, and I do emphasise important things several times to get my point across.

For example, don’t text me on a rainy Monday night at 8:30 pm with ‘U avail now’ Nope, I’m in my jammies on the couch with my cat, dude!

Here’s a proper example on how to request a session;

Hello Mistress Serena,

My name is Mark and I came across your website and would like to request a session for 90 mins please. I’m interested in strap on, with medium discipline, bondage and cross dressing and also mistress choice. I have had some experience, but would be delighted to session with you. If it would suit, I am free tomorrow evening and also the next. Also happy to make a Beem It deposit as requested, Many thanks, slave Mark.

And there we go boys!!!! Super easy!! I would then text back, or ask you to call to confirm details. Here is the link once again;