Are you just beginning your adventures in the BDSM world?

Or perhaps you’re a seasoned player who desires to delve deeper?

Either way I would love to savour your submission.

I just adore the process of taking a willing supplicant and moulding them into the perfect slave who desires nothing more than to serve and please Me. I’m just brimming with ideas for erotic, perverted and kinky play and I can’t wait to corrupt you.

Let’s make OUR fantasies a reality together.

Inspired? Here’s a few ideas on how our time together could play out.

Introductory BDSM Sessions

The perfect way for you to find your fetish feet at the beginning of your BDSM journey!

The introductory session experience starts with a chat where we’ll talk about what your current interests are and what you would like to explore. These sessions are usually a fun, sensual way to experience the lighter aspects of submission and domination. Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to hurt or be painful, unless of course pain is what you’re craving!

The goal of an introductory session is to let you explore and leave you wanting just a little more.

Of course, you could also volunteer for “Mistresses Choice” and let me have my wicked way with you!

Strap-On Pegging

Backdoor, anal play and prostrate stimulation are certainly having their fashionable moment right now. This type of play is my most popular request by far! Let’s explore together the vast erotic potential of this very intimate area of the male anatomy. You will be AMAZED at how good it feels to be taken by a woman who knows exactly what she is doing. A truly mind-blowing experience.

BDSM – Bondage & Discipline

There’s a certain satisfaction in strictness and tradition.

A good old fashioned spanking is just what Mistress ordered…and it’s probably one of my favourite things to do. Now, If I do say so myself – I’m very good at it.

Discipline – from light through to heavy. The sharp sting of my small elegant hand on your tender behind through to excruciating yet expertly delivered strokes of the cane.

Bondage – again everything from light, basic restraint to heavy restriction. Your freedom, methodically and expertly removed by my ropes, my leather and my chains. I have all the right tools to make our fantasy a vivid reality.


Latex is both a speciality and passion of mine. I’m known internationally for my amazing collection of extreme rubber fashion, gear and accessories. I love dressing for both My and your pleasure in exquisite latex and I enjoy transforming my subs into delectable rubber toys by dressing them in rubbery catsuits and hoods.

With me, foot, shoe and stocking and trampling fetishists are in for a real treat. I’m well renowned for my gorgeous, petite size 6 feet (EU 36). As well as being perfectly formed, they’re simply tiny. I love having my beautiful feet worshipped, just as much as I love using them to trample and torment you.

If you happen to have a particular fetish I have not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to ask. Please do note that I have no interest in smoking fetish sessions.

Cross Dressing, Fantasy & Role Play

I adore “encouraging” my subs to thoroughly explore their feminine side and as a trained professional makeup artist I’m highly qualified to do so! In my dungeon you’ll find a dedicated cross-dressing area with a selection of lingerie, corsets, stockings, outerwear, shoes and wigs. Everything needed to show you just how beautiful (or slutty) you can be. Creativity is such an attractive quality. Let’s craft our very own fantasy roleplay together. I could be your strict teacher or headmistress, your ruthless CEO, your bitchy boss or the military interrogator of your dreams (or nightmares). Let your imagination run wild.

Phone Sessions

I’m often complimented on my warm, sexy voice and phone sessions are a great way to blow off a little steam or get pulled back into line when needed. Please text to enquire. A 20 minute minimum applies to my phone sessions and instant payment via Beemit is required before we begin.

Sensory Play & Other Activities

With my extensive experience and vivid imagination I have a full catalogue of other perversions available for you to experience in my dungeon. Sensory play, breath play, hoods, gags, blindfolds, golden showers, humiliation, nipple play (or torture), cbt, electro, pegs and clamps and hot wax are all options.  Almost all of the above activities can be delivered with a light or heavy touch.

I also love dinner and other play dates that allow for the perfect combination of decadence and perversion.

Please refer to the booking page for further information. In the meantime check out my Twitter to keep up-to-date. Link at the bottom of the page.

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