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Have you yet to begin your adventures in the BDSM world, or are you a seasoned player who desires to delve deeper? I relish in your submission and love molding you into a perfect slave that is more than willing to serve Me. I can’t wait to corrupt you even further with all sorts of perverted and kinky play. Make your fantasy a reality. Here’s just an a few of my favorites idea’s to get inspired with…..

Introductory BDSM Sessions

This is a great way to find your fetish feet at the beginning of your journey into BDSM.  I will chat with you before the session starts to discover what it is you like, and what you want to explore. These sessions are usually a fun and sensual way to experience the lighter aspects of submission and domination.  It doesn’t have to hurt or be painful – unless you want it to be, of course – and your session will leave you wanting more.  You can also volunteer for ‘Mistress Choice’ so I can have my wicked way with you.

Strap-On Pegging

The most popular request by far! Backdoor, anal play, and prostate stimulation are, let’s say, very fashionable at the moment.  One of the most erotic parts of the male body, you will be amazed how fantastic it is being taken by a woman that knows what she is doing – a mind-blowing experience.

BDSM – Bondage & Discipline

Tradition.  It’s a wonderful thing. 
A good old fashioned spanking is just what the Mistress ordered. And it’s probably one of my favorite things to do.  If I do say so myself, I’m very good at it. Discipline – from light through to heavy. Bondage – everything from light restraints to heavy restriction – rope, arm binders, chains – all the right tools to make the fantasy a reality.


Latex is a specialty of mine, and I’m known internationally for my extreme collection of rubber fashion, gear and accessories. I love to wear latex, and I enjoy dressing my subs in rubbery catsuits and hoods, delicious!  I’m well known for my petite size 6 tiny feet (EU36) so feet, shoe, stockings and trampling fetishes is something I love to do.

If you have a particular fetish please don’t hesitate to ask.  Please note no smoking fetishes.

Fantasy & Role Play

 Cross-Dressing and exploring your feminine side in my dungeon is something I thoroughly encourage. You will find there a dedicated crossing dressing section with a selection of lingerie, corsets, stockings, outerwear, shoes, and wigs, and am also a qualified makeup artist

Other roleplays are catered for – such as strict teacher/Head Mistress/CEO bitchy boss through to military interrogation. Let your imagination run wild.

Phone Sessions

Great way to blow of some steam and get pulled back into line when needed. Please text to enquire. Twenty minutes minimum time and paid via Beem It instant transfer.

Sensory Play & Other Activities

Sensory Play Breath play, hoods gags, blindfolds, golden showers catered. I have a catalogue of perversions for you to experience in my dungeon. These can be delivered using a light touch or a heavy one: humiliation, nipple play and /or torture, CBT, electro, pegs and wax. I also love dinner and play dates, now that’s really the perfect combination and lots of fun.