Surrender to me



 I create a magical connection for an authentic experience, a natural chemistry, to explore the intimacy of the BDSM world together. Whether you are at the beginning your adventures or perhaps you’re a seasoned player who desires to delve deeper, either way, I would love to savour your submission.

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Light, basic restraint to heavy restriction. 

Your freedom, methodically and expertly removed by my ropes, my leather and my chains.

New play space equipped with high quality gear- all sorts of collars & restraints light through to very heavy, rope, leather, mummification, mitts, leather bondage, straitjackets, body bags.

Strap-on & Anal Play

My most popular request by far is backdoor, anal play and prostate stimulation

You will be amazed at how good it feels to be taken by a woman who knows exactly what she is doing. A truly mind-blowing experience.

Get pegged by the best!


As an internationally renowned Latex Diva, Latex is both a speciality and passion of mine. I’m well known for my amazing collection of extreme rubber fashion, gear and accessories.

I love dressing for both My and your pleasure in exquisite latex and I enjoy transforming my subs into delectable rubber toys.


I’ll make you take it, and like it.

I’m experienced and highly skilled at dishing out discipline.

Craving my elegant hand on your tender behind? An expertly delivered flogging, or precise strokes of the cane? I deliver, at the level you need, from erotic sensuality through to brutal efficiency.


Like a challenge? Craving pain?

Hand over your assets for a good going over!

My dungeon drawers contain a myriad of instruments and contraptions to tease or torment your cock and/or balls. 

Experiences range from light play to heavy pain.

Electrical Play

Dial it up with electrical play.

For the ultimate buzz, my violet wand and electro-stim instruments add a whole new dimension to your submission.

Your pleasure and pain at just the twist of a dial. 

The ultimate turn-on.


As the ultimate leading lady, I do like a bit of drama!

Creativity, fun and laughter are all such an attractive qualities. So let’s make the dungeon our own private stage.

Connect with me and play out those fantasies that have been in your head for such a long time.

I could be your strict teacher or headmistress, your ruthless CEO, your bitchy boss, femme fatale extraordinaire, a ruthless villain or the military interrogator of your dreams (or nightmares).

Cross Dressing

I adore encouraging my subs to thoroughly explore their feminine side and as a trained professional makeup artist I’m highly qualified to do so.

In my dungeon you’ll find a dedicated cross-dressing area with a selection of lingerie, corsets, stockings, outerwear, shoes and wigs. Everything needed to show you just how beautiful (or slutty) you can be.


I love humiliating men like you, I enjoy it so much!

It’s so easy for a beautiful woman like me to stare into your eyes, humble you and reduce you to your innate lowliness.

Erotic and sexual humiliation, physically and emotionally exposing your vulnerability, is such a massive turn-on.

I’ll find out what pushes your buttons and relentlessly exploit it.

More Favourites

Read on to learn more about my kinky offerings. An absolute smorgasbord of perverted fun.

Introductory BDSM Sessions

A fun, sensual way to begin your BDSM journey. The goal is to let you explore so you’re craving for more.

Mistresses Choice

Roll the dice for ‘Mistress Choice’ and let me have my wicked way with you. Likes and limits discussed and respected.


Latex, leather, stockings, feet, gloves, WS (Watersports), XD (Cross Dressing), findom, all sorts of sexual arousal.

Feet/Boots/Heels Sessions

I love having my petite little feet worshipped (EU36). Trampling, licking sucking, massaging. All the fun stuff.

Leather Fetish

From dressing, boots, gloves, leather bondage, hoods. Leather forever.

Edging & Orgasm Control

The Slubb has arrived from Germany! Orgasm control & denial, ruined & the ultimate most intense experience.


Cuckold bookings available and encouraged! The bull will be a male SW, both bi and straight are available.

Must be pre-arranged a few days in advance with a 50% deposit. POA.

Nipple Play

Sensation play, fingernails, clamps, wax, play piercings. From teasing to torture!


Scary huh. Threats & fear, through to a good old fashioned kick in the nuts. Gotcha.

Erotic Domination & Seduction

I’m half fetish Barbie & half “I Dream of Jeannie”. My beauty will make you both horny and helpless, unable to resist my charms.

Other Activities

If something is on your list and not mine, please feel free to request. Read my limits first though.

Tease & Denial

Fun and games dungeon style, light BW (Body Worship), light B&D (Bondage & Discipline).

My Approach to sessions

I just adore the process of taking a willing submissive and turning them into the perfect slave who desires nothing more than to serve and please Me. As an experienced Mistress, my ideas for erotic, perverted and kink are all played out expertly in my dungeon.

Consent and safe words are essential. This will be discussed and agreed to before any play has commenced. As a professional Dominatrix this is the absolute cornerstone of my practice. This is the reason I ask you to SMS/email your interests. It allows you to process your request and fully realise what you have asked for. It also assists me to check in with you, plan and process it myself.

I have an agreed safeword which usually is ‘Mercy’. I also use the traffic light system (red, orange, green) to assess where you are at during the session. With that said, as a professional, you should be hopefully not pushed into using it as I like to be intuitive. During our play I very carefully watch and feel your responses both physically and emotionally.

You are my submissive, and it’s my job to look after you.

I will not participate in No Mercy sessions.

I have some nursing background, a current first aid certificate, was trained in a large BDSM establishment and practice Safe Sane and Consensual (SSC) kink. I also know the intricate ins and outs of toys and BDSM equipment, having owned one of the best adult shops in Australia.

After each session equipment is always Viracleaned (hospital grade) disinfectant or sterilized as appropriate and toys used are phthalate free and bodysafe.

Think of my play space as a five star (BDSM) hotel!

Are you seeking more? Something a little different to a dungeon session? Click through to my Other Adventures page to learn about my extended offerings.


My Limits and boundaries:

Nudity/sex/oral sex.
Brown or roman showers.
Adult babies/infant/underage fantasies.
Race/religious play