Recent Adventures

Mistress Serena of Sydney

As you would’ve seen in my previous blog, dungeon life has changed a great deal and now five months later I’ve really hit my stride and loving the freedom and creativity of having my own play spaces.

Feedback from new and regular clients has been five star, which I am very proud of. Working closely with my Mistress sisters – Jadis, Anastasia, and Six, both in sessions and behind-the-scenes has been an absolute pleasure.

And I’ve been having quite a few adventures and expanding my horizons. I’ve been doing all sorts of role-plays with various SWs (escorts) around town which, I must say has been thoroughly enjoyable for everyone concerned.

I’m really, really enjoying seeing couples. Spending play time, and educating couples who love, and lust, after one another and want to expand their BDSM play and knowledge has lead to lots of hot times. Open and honest communication is key with these sort of bookings and of course respecting boundaries.

You will also see I have expanded my stable of available guys I work with recent sessions, including tops/bi/cuckold. Master S is hardcore very experienced leather man and is into more heavy scenes, please give a couple of days notice if you would like him to join us. AM is bi orientated, muscled with sexy tatts, and we very much enjoy doing sessions together. Thirdly is J who is perfect for cuck sessions, we have ridiculous chemistry and you will lose your mind during these sort of bookings (hell, I know I do) Can highly recommend!

You can keep up with the rest of my news and daily updates on Twitter (X) which I am pretty active on. It’s the most accessible, platform so far for my sort of work (best of a bad bunch) instagram I just tend to do stories so I don’t get another deactivation. Once again, I will emphasise the best way to contact me is to send an SMS once you’ve read my booking page guide.


Mistress Serena.