Gentlemen, I need your help!

Mistress Mia GoFundMe link (please click)

Gentlemen, slaves, subs and the fetish community, I need your help.

The much admired and respected Mistress Mia (Jodi/Joanne) is unwell having been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. I’ve known Mia since my apprenticeship at Salon Kitties in 1997, as a babydomme I was in complete awe and equally terrified (in a good way) of this amazing Mistress. She has spent her life helping those who needed help, and was incredibly kind to me looking after my precious little Coco Bunny when I wasn’t in a position to do it myself. She has the kindest heart, so now it’s time to rally around her..

So if you ever visited SK’s or even had a session with Mia now is your time to give back to this beautiful human who all of the Kitties Mistresses love. You can be listed as ‘anonymous’ if you don’t want your name appearing.

Please help and donate to the GoFundMe page, every little bit (or a lot) will be appreciated.

Thank you xx