Mistress Serena and Mistress Servalan



It’s been great seeing more of Mistress Servalan, one of my best mistress friends ever!  We met at Salon Kitty’s, oooooh, I think about 14 years ago.  We bonded over our love of high end fetish wear and shared many laughs and crazy times through the years.  After Mistress Servalan left SK’s and started up her own independent dungeon I had the pleasure of working from her first space in Lewisham.  Now that I’m back conducting sessions, we have the chance to have a great chat and lots of laughs when we bump into each other before and after our bookings.  Now, if you are feeling rather naughty why not see the both of us together-I love to wear all latex and Ms S loves to wear all leather, as you can see from the top two pictures, and imagine the bad things we could do to you. Perfect!

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